About Us

It's not just who we are, but what we are that matters

Paradise Environmental Services is a Premier Water, Wastewater & Energy Solutions Company which brings you World Class Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants, Water Treatment Chemicals, Highly Energy Efficient Grundfos make Pumps, & Urjaa Lakshya®, Energy Conservation Software. We have the complete gamut of Industrial, Commercial & Domestic range of products to solve your various Water, Wastewater & Energy issues.

Paradise Environmental Services products are :


  • Water Filters, Softeners, Demineralizers, Reverse Osmosis plants,
  • Effluent Treatment & Recycling Plants -  Zero Discharge Solutions
  • Membrane Technology based Product, Water & Energy recovery solutions
  • Water Treatment Chemicals – Boiler Water Treatment, Cooling Water Treatment, Fuel Additives & Fire Side Chemicals, Textile Process Chemicals, Resins
  • Urjaa Lakshya®, PC based Software for Energy Conservation Programme in the Textile Industry
  • Highly enrgy efficient Grundfos Ltd. Make pumps

Commercial & Domestic

  • Drinking Water solutions
  • Pressure boosting solutions
  • Domestic & submersible pumping solutions

Industrial Solutions

Domestic Solutions