Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is a process of water filtration, under high pressure, using special membranes to remove suspended, dissolved, bacterial and chemical impurities up to 0.0001 micron (1 micron = 1/1000 mm) from water. In our system the treated water, free from all impurities and toxic chemicals is collected in an airtight container ready for consumption. The toxic chemicals, germs and salts are drained to give you safe, contamination-free tasty water. It is recommended that Reverse Osmosis should not be used if your inlet water is not salty as it may lead to bad / bitter taste.


Facts : 90% of India's water sources are highly pollutes. Water contains many pollutants like salts, pesticides, heavy metals, various bacteria & viruses, industrial & human wastes. These highly toxic & dangerous pollutants can make water taste salty, smell badly & more seriously cause blood pressure, kidney stones, various water borne diseases like Typhoid, Hepatitis, Gastroenteritis, Cholera etc, as well as even more lethal diseases like Cancer due to pesticides & heavy metals.

Solution :

Paradise 5 stage Domestic Water Purifier removes all of the above contaminants, foul odour & brackish taste & makes it ultra pure water fit for drinking.

The Paradise R.O. Water Purifier Comprises of 5 stages of Water Purification :

Stage I : Cartridge Filter – 5 micron

This is the first stage of water purification. Particles, dust, suspended matter, present in the water and greater then 5 micron in size is trapped on this filter cartridge.

Stage II : Activated Carbon Filter

This is the second stage of water purification. Dissolved organic matter, BOD/COD present in the raw water is removed by adsorption on the activated carbon filter cartridge. The removal of these contaminants removes undesirable taste and color from the water.

Stage III : Cartridge Filter –1 micron

During this third stage of water purification, the particles greater then 1-micron size is trapped on the filter cartridge. The removal of these very fine particles gives a clear appearance to the water.

Stage IV : R O Membrane

This filtered water is passed through a pump and forced through a reverse osmosis/desalination membrane. The membrane removes 90 – 95 % of all dissolved salts from the water. Therefore hard water, brackish water, saline water, etc. become fit for drinking. The membrane also removes bacteria etc. from the water and makes it hygienic for potable use. The pure potable obtained from the membrane is stored in a pressurized storage tank.

Stage V : Post R O Carbon Polisher

Any taste or smell developed in the water due to storage in the pressurized storage tank is removed by passing it through the post R O carbon polisher before using it through the drinking water faucet. The 5 stages R O water purifier can be wall mounted above or under the kitchen sink. The unit is provided with a ready to fix bracket/skid and a separate skid for the pump, which can be mounted, on the main skid. The unit is provided with necessary plastic tubing, and fitting for the making the necessary connections to the water supply line and between the various stages. It is also provided with an auto shut off valve, high pressure switch, flow restrictor, flushing valve, pressurized storage tank, long reach R.O. faucet and feed water connector. COMPARISON OF RO UNITS





   a. Cartridge # 1 10 micron 5 micron
   b. Cartridge # 2 Activated carbon Activated carbon
   c. Cartridge # 3 Not provided 1 micron


Activated carbon Activated carbon


5 lph 10 lph


Yes Yes


Yes Yes
G. DRINKING WATER FAUCET Yes Yes, Long reach type


Benefits :

Make Salty / Ground water drinkable.
Removes all contaminants which cause serious ailments.
Drink pure water of international standards.

Specifications :

Flow rate 280 liters / day
Removal of TDS > 90%
Recovery 10 - 15%
Stage 1 - Sediment 5 Micro Filter
Stage 2 - Granular Carbon Pre Filter
Stage 3 - Extruded Carbon Pro Filter
Stage 4 - Reverse Osmosis Membrane
Stage 1 - Post Filter & Polisher
Pressure water tank for water storage

RO PURIFIER V/S UV PURIFIER UV Purifiers have 3 major limitations :

  • Cannot remove protozoa, which cause water borne diseases like Giardiasis & Amoebiasis.
  • Cannot remove harmful toxic chemicals & industrial pollutants.
  • Cannot remove TDS & hardness, hence you get harmful salty water to drink.

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