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Building Integrated Photo-Voltaic Solutions (BIPV)

BIPV is one of the most promising trends in the industry. Solar modules integrating seamlessly into standard building materials adds a new design and functionality dimension to both commercial and residential projects.

Paradise Solar carries the most current and exciting BIPV products, and hosts frequent training sessions to teach installers the ins and outs of working with this new technology.

Bridging the gap between the construction trades and the solar installer, we invite all architects, builders, interior designers & building contractors, to contact Paradise Solar to learn more about Building Integrated Photo-voltaics.

enables you to create visually stunning building designs and deliver cost-effective, sustainable solar energy to the tenants. Suntech's MSK Solar Design LineTM modules are not add-ons, but are in integral part of the building's skin. They are used just like the standard building materials they replace. But, they have the added value of generating electricity from the sun - nature's most abundant resource.

We will be pleased to assist you in developing a Paradise Solar system that is tailored to the construction and location of the structure you are designing. Working in partnership, we can help you create an outstanding looking design that is also delivers sustainable solar energy.

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