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Paradise Solar Photo Voltaic Systems

Why Solar ?

Paradise Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) systems take advantage of the sun's rays to generate electricity. Solar energy is an infinitely renewable resource and unique for its ability to generate energy in a quiet, clean, and consistent manner.

  1. 400 Millions of Indians still do not have electricity.
  2. India is a huge power deficit country (-14% as of 2009) & the power deficit will further grow with the rapid development of our country.
  3. Generation of Electricity through India’s conventional thermal power plant generate the following pollutants:-

    1. 1 KWH of Electricity consumes 0.73 Kg of Coal
    2. 0.98 Kg of CO2 per KWH (a Green House Gas causing Global Warming, which is rapidly melting polar ice caps & changing earth’s environment irreversibly)
    3. 0.14 Kg of Suspended Particles & Fly Ash per KWH (causes breathing disorders & Smog)
    4. 0.0074 Kg of SOx (causes permanent damage to the lungs)
  4. i.e. a Household consuming 20,000 Units per annum would be consuming 14.6 MT of a fast depleting resource like Coal, spewing out a whopping 19.5 MT of CO2, 2.8 MT of Suspended particles & Fly Ash & 148 kgs of SOx in the already polluted Indian environment!
  5. Fossil Fuel supplies are finite & dwindling fast:
  6. Electricity today (2009) costs around 6 Rs/KWH & will further spiral up in the coming years.
  7. Solar Energy is Clean & In-Exhaustible!!
  8. Residential SPV systems can be installed on your roof top or terrace.
  9. Residential SPV systems are extremely popular in the western world (Germany, U.S., Japan & Spain are in the forefront, inspite of having lower Sun insolation rates!). There has been a tremendous increase in Residential SPV installations worldwide, with an increase of installed capacity from 2.826 Giga Watt peak (GWp) to 5.95 GWp in 2008.
  10. India has more than 300 sunny days a year, with Solar insolation period of 5 – 6 hours per day.
  11. Above all it’s absolutely FREE!
  12. Besides Indian Government gives you 40% Subsidy on your SPV system capital costs!
  13. We can help you avail a soft loan for your Paradise SPV system capital costs.
  14. 15. Paradise SPV system has a payback period of less than 4 -5 years at today’s electricity prices.

What more do you want??!! – Lets make this world a better place to live, for us and our future generation too!

Invest in a Paradise SPV once & then eliminate or reduce your Electricity Bill for lifetime!!

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