Water Softeners


exists in significant areas of the country. Water softeners remove hard undesirable dissolved minerals that result in annoying white scales on fixtures, appliances and piping. Softening the water produces immediate benefits - reduce usage of soap & detergent, cleaner clothes, and better tasting food and beverages.


Fact :

Hard water can turn simple household tasks into hard work. Soaps and laundry detergents don't lather as well. Glasses and dishes are left with spots. Clothing feels coarser and colors look duller. Tubs and bathroom fixtures are covered with an unsightly film. Hard water is also tough on washing machines, making them wear out up to 30% faster.

Solution :

Our household water softener & RO Treatment system will give these benefits :

  • Decreases the usage of soaps, shampoos and detergents.
  • Leaves hair soft & luxuriant, free of itchiness & dandruff.
  • Makes skin feel soft & glow after bath.
  • Eliminates scaling in Geysers & pipes.
  • Reduces water heating bills by up to 29%
  • Gives you softer & brighter laundry.
  • Shining spotless Cutlery & Utensils.
  • Eliminates white scale deposition in bathroom fittings & floor.
  • Keep kitchen and bathrooms cleaner.

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  • Make Water Soft
  • Fully automated systems
  • Single valve operation.
  • Non corrosive systems.
  • Excellent treated water quality.
  • Visually very Aesthetic.
  • Superior after sales services.

Technical Specifications

Industrial Solutions

Domestic Solutions